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Nutritional education for patients
with declining renal function.

A person may prevent or delay some health problems from chronic kidney disease (CKD) by eating the right foods and avoiding foods high in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Learning about calories, fats, proteins, and fluids is important for a person with advanced CKD.

Protein foods such as meat and dairy products break down into waste products that healthy kidneys remove from the blood. As CKD progresses, nutritional needs change. A registered dietitian may recommend that a patient with reduced kidney function choose foods carefully.
Tara is a registered dietitian specializing in the care of patients with kidney disorders. She has nearly 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian with almost 15 years spent in the field of renal dietetics.

Tara has a desire to help patients take control of their health to mitigate or prevent the development of disease and to improve quality of life. Tara and her husband are natives of central Florida, where they currently live with their three children.

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